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We'll Miss You, Ledina Maria De Barros Marcarian

60 Line

Dressed in her Sunday best and looking fine is foreign exchange student, Ledina Marcarian. 

"A little bit of Brazil" came to Phoenix Union this year by way of Ledina Maria de Barros Marcarian, our lovely foreign exchange student.. living with the Dr. John Leibold family, Ledina has gained a better understanding of Coyote Land and the United States.

A Spanish guitar certainly fits this Latin American miss, as she poses for our photographer. Ledina, who played her guitar in the 1960 Follies, also accompanies herself in vocal numbers.


Our foreign exchange student is most congenial in the field of music. Her American sister, Melinda Leibold, looks on with pride as Ledina plays a tune on the piano.

As with other women, a favorite hobby of Ledina's is talking on the phone. Here she is conversing with a friend

Ledina's top grades are not attained without effort. She is very active in class participation, as shown here.


60 Line


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60 Line

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