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Chess Club Members are: Row 1 (l-r) G. Wolecki, B. Montroy. Row 2 (l-r) M. Rolbeth, E. Williams, Mr. Elder, sponsor: C. Sommer. Row 3 (l-r) J. Sumegi, D. O'Neil, J. Cox, J. Andrews.


Scientific Discussion, Chess Members Use Brain Power

Scientific Discussions Members are: Row 1 (l-r) C. Sommer, R. Hanzi, E. Moore, Mrs. Munson, sponsor; M. Lundgren, J. Andrews. Row 2 (l-r) M. Frost, A. Slawin-ski, D. Hermann, D. Wheeler, G. Wolecki, J. Dufrasne.

Future Librarian Club Members are: Row 1 (l-r) L. McCoy, M. Rogers, E. Beckstead, R. Baird, K. Bacher, E. Jones, A. Lister, T. Scofield. Row 2 (l-r) L. Reagan, C. McCubbin, M. James, J. Ruiz. Row 3 (I-r) W. Katze, J. Rivera, D. Sullivan, W. Ditton, B. Harshman. Row 4 (l-r) N. Bell, S. Snyder, A. Boussom, B. Mariscal. Sponsors of the club are Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Baublets.


Librarians, Frenchmen Fill Interests Through Club Work

Le Cercle Francais Club Members are: Row 1 (l-r) E. Grigsby, A. Stawinski, G. GooDe, B. Cohn, S. Motsenbocker, M. Lundgren, L. Oats, Miss Rochin, sponsor. Row 2 (l-r) J. Maul, A. Conklen, M. Reeves.

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