60 Line

2nd Annual Reunion
February 23, 2008
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Photos by Barbara (Coy) Barber

60 Line

Left to Right: Bob "Clive" Sommer, Barbara and Terry Riley

Harold Pauletich, and Michael Incardone

Cas Cusimano

Gayle and Dixie (McClure) Bowers

Jim Barber and Karen (Deckelmeier) Chapman

Mary Helen (Portello) Leal, Terry and Barbara Riley, and Peggy (Aguayo) Eberhardt

Pictures by Karen (Deckelmeier) Chapman

Gayle and Dixie (McClure) Bowers

Barbara (Coy) and Jim Barber

Barbara and Terry Riley

Harold Pauletich, Michael Incardone, and Bob "Clive" Sommer

Cas Cusimano; Background: Jim and Barbara (Coy) Barber, and Gayle and Dixie (McClure) Bowers

Mary Helen (Portello) Leal, Peggy (Aguayo) Eberhardt.  Terry and Barbara Riley

60 Line


Howling Coyote

60 Line

Reunion Photo Gallery

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