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50th Reunion Saturday Night Dinner and Dance
September 10, 2010
Scottsdale Plaza Resort

"50 Years - Still A Coyote"
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Tom Wolf

Welcome Coyotes!

Harold Pauletich, George and Sylvia (Berarducci) Molnar, and Peggy (Aguayo) Eberhardt prepare for the raffle.

Jim and Barbara (Coy) Barber

Gus and Penelope Meyers

Creighton Elementary Alumni
Front: Rose Ann (Hayes) Self, Sylvia (Berarducci) Molnar, Barbara (Grayek) Littlepage, Ann (Branstetter) Baker, Kay (Frey) LaCount, and Don Pershing
Back Row: Judy (Kippola) Glick, Terry Riley, Gary Zundel, Jim Mancini, Gerald Toscano, and Ray Frey

Mr. and Mrs. David Goodson

Barbara Riley and Judy Pauletich

Gathering in the lobby following the Class Photo

Front: Ray Bailey
Back: Rudy Diaz, Mike Enriquez, John Cano, Nancy Espinoza,  Betty (Ravago) Saenz, Phoebe (Payan) Saunders, Tillie (Cota) Acuna, Ophelia (Bernal) Lopez, and Rosalie Rios

Rose Ann (Hayes) Self, Judy (Kippola) Glick, and Joe and Cathy Ream

Christine and Mike Owen

Patty (Holly) Robichaux and Barbara (Coy) Barber

Ann (Branstetter) Baker and Barbara (Coy) Barber

Angela Skakoon, Patty (Holly) Robichaux, and Karen (Deckelmeier) Chapman

Dixie (McClure) and Gale Bowers

Sharon (McClure) and Bill Robins

Jeunesse Tri-Hi-Y Members:
Front Row: Judy (Getsinger) Hadlock, Patty (Holly) Robichaux, Rose Ann (Hayes) Self, Lela (Mulkey) Alston, Jonnie (Goodlive) Cohen, Sylvia (Berarducci) Molnar, Karen (Deckelmeier) Chapman
Back Row:

Barbara (Coy) Barber, Tom Wolf, and Sharon (McClure) and Bill Robins

Mike and Christine Owen, their 50th Wedding Anniversary Dance

60 Line


Howling Coyote

60 Line

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