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30th Reunion
Labor Day Weekend
August 31, September 1 and 2, 1990
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Sylvia (Beraducci) Molnar, Mary Helen (Portello) Leal, Linda (Acero) Jaurequi, Michael Incardone, and Lela (Mulkey) Alston

Front: Mary Helen (Portello) Leal, Lupe (De Pascal) Hidalgo, Cora (Moreno) Garrido, and Nancy (Carpenter) Schultz  Back: Moses Moya and Terry Riley

Teachers: Mr. Konzal, Ms. Fairfax, and Coach Long

Patrick R. and Shelly Ambrose

Eddie Ong, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harvill, 
and Mary Helen (Portello) Leal

Moses Moya, Cora (Moreno) Garrido, Lupe (de Pascal) Hidalgo, Eddie Ong and Mary Helen (Portello) Leal

Mary Helen (Portello) Leal, Linda (Brummitt) Warner, and Cas Cusimano

Charles Bobo, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harvill

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Howling Coyote

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Reunion Photo Gallery

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