Phoenix Union High School
Class of 1960

60 Line

1950's 48 Star Flag

When Hawaii became a state, the old 48 star flag that had flown over Phoenix Union High School during the 1950's was taken down by my father, Carl "Happy" Day , a custodian for P.U.H.S. My dad was told to burn the old 48 star flag after the new 49 star was hoisted over the campus, but he just could not bring himself to destroy this symbol of liberty. Dad brought home this noble flag and in the intervening years we have flown it on those special days that honor our nation and its fallen heroes and its birthday of independence.

It is a special flag to our household, for it is a reminder not only of our heritage but of our youth, our school, our friends and teachers. This flag is a member of our household but it belongs to all who once walked beneath her as she so proudly waved to the students of the 50's. She was placed into service sometime.- Around 1953-1954 and was removed in 1959 when hawaii became our 49th state. She did not see this class through graduation before she was replaced but she flew over the class of 1960 for three of Its years at Phoenix Union.

Look at this emblem of our youth and heritage and remember....

Lawrence and Lorraine Day

60 Line


Howling Coyote

60 Line

Phoenix Union High School Class of 1960

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