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Gymnasts Point To Most Successful Year In 1960

Row 1 (I-r) R. Impson, M. Clelland, S. Carrin, G. Behrends, J. Stansbury, T. Kalos, D. Boudway, K. Dixon, D. Lambert. Row 2 (I-r) Coach Goodson, M. Fitzpatrick, R. Holt, D. Leon, T. Torres, H. Dumont, J. Cox, M. McFarland. Row 3 (I-r) J. Davis, J. Reyes, T. Hurst, E. Segoeiano, H. Lemons, G. Phillips, D. Alexander, R. Valenzuela, W. Watson. Row 4 (I-r) H. Ochoa, D. Hening, l. Dawson, D. Duppy, D. White, T. Trevino, R. Burt, L. Gimun. Row 5 (I-r) Coach Burrows, R. Lilly, L. Tucker, J. Johnson, B. Gray, D. Kline, R. Allen, B. Espinoza, J. Verdugo. Row 6 (I-r) R. Espinoza, B. Watson.. J. Nowak.

One of the fastest growing sports at Phoenix Union High School, Gymnastics has put the Coyotes in the state championship picture in still another sport. Coach Dave Goodson's varsity squad, strong in parallel bars, trampoline, tumbling and free exercise, is expected to be in the running for the championship in 1960. In addition, the Pack will be favored for a high place in the rope climb and flying rings. In early season competition, the Coyotes drubbed nearly all of its opponents losing only to Tucson High in a close meet.

Captain Jerry Stansbury is caught by the photographer in the middle of one of his fine floor exercise routines.

Mike McFarland shows his skill in rope climbing.

Tom Kalos shows his ability' on the parallel bars before the student

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