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Wrestlers Also Win State Championship For PUHS

Coach Sam Winningham

Running its string of undefeated matches to 47, Coach Sam Winningham's varsity wrestling squad added another state championship to the 1959-60 sports award list. The Coyotes grabbed two state individual titles, two seconds, three thirds and three fourths to take the team title for the fourth time in six years. Richard Garcia, in the 127 pound class, and Armando Sanchez, in the 175 pound class, were crowned state champions. During the season, the Coyote grapplers found the early competition to their liking as they prepped for the final two regular matches of the season. 1959 State Champ, Washing- ton, gave the Pack its biggest test late in the year but dropped a 25-20 decision with Ron Harvill pinning the Ram's heavy- weight to cinch the match. In the season finale, undefeated South grabbed an early lead, but found themselves far behind at the end of the match, 34-13.

Richard Rojas works his man into a pin hold.

1959-60 team members were: Row 1 (l-r) Richard Rojas, Eddie Ong, Lois Abril, Gary Willingham, Richard Garcia, Pete Thyrion and Frank Tanori. Row 2 (I-r) John Phelps, Moses Caraveo, Herb Powell, Armando Sanchez, Frank Pantoya and Ron Harvill. Row 3 (I-r) Charles Mondragon, Coach Winningham and Moses Moya.


P.U. 34 - Yuma 16 
P.U. 43 - Mesa 5
P.U. 35 - Camelback 16
P.U. 30 - West 13
P.U. 39 - Glendale 6


P.U. 38 - North 8
P.U. 41 - Central 0
P.U. 32 - Carl Hayden 8
P.U. 25 - Washington 20
P.U. 34 - South 13

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